Artificial Surface Pro - Block Blitz

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Block Blitz is a highly effective and environmentally friendly outdoor surface treatment that cleans and protects with remarkable results. The products self-clean surfaces with no physical or mechanical action required. Treatments can be used all year round and not just in the traditional cleaning and weed treatment seasons. The Block Blitz solutions are 100% non-abrasive, contain no biocides, bleach or acids and are rapidly biodegradable. Proudly developed and manufactured in the UK.

Specifically developed for artificial surfaces and sports pitches the artificial surface pro can be applied with minimal precautions and treated surfaces can be used again immediately after application. It's low foaming and surfactant free.

Surfaces: artificial grass, astro turf, synthetic rubbers, sport pitches, playgrounds.

0.70 KGS
40m² per pouch
700g per pouch