Elements Sport Transfer Marker PLUS 10 x 6:1 Line Marking 10L Bundle

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Bundle offer of 10 x 10L drums of Elements 6:1 Concentrate line marking paint with an Elements Sport transfer wheel-to-wheel line marker.

Save over £97/14% compared to buying separately!


Elements 6:1 Concentrate:

A Line Marking Paint for Contractors and Football Clubs who have a restricted budget and desire premium pitch quality results.

Elements 6:1 Concentrate Paint is a bright and weather-resistant concentrate paint aimed at groundsmen marking out sports pitches regularly.  It is designed to be versatile and can be used in any spray or transfer wheel line marking machine.  It needs to be mixed thoroughly with water at ratios of up to 6:1.

  • Dilute to the appropriate ratio for marker use.
  • Concentrate, dilute with water and mix thoroughly before use.
  • Possible to mark up to 5 standard football pitches from each 10 litre container.
  • Contact us for colour enquiries other than the options available.
  • Water-based, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly product.

  • Suitable for Football Pitches, Rugby Fields, Tennis Tramlines, and Cricket Boundaries.

  • Long lasting, high quality line marking paint.

  • Flexible application options.

Elements Sport Marker:

Our Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker follows the traditional style of wheel-to-wheel line marking machines, but with modern manufacturing methods.

This machine is made from high-grade materials to a demanding specification from the best quality materials available.

The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker is extremely easy-to-use and popular with amateur and professional groundsmen alike. Wheel-to-wheel line marking machines are used by groundsmen at Premier League football clubs, grassroots pitches and at fine turf venues such as Wimbledon.

  • The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker is a wheel-to-wheel marker that applies paint by transferring paint to the grass via 3 transfer wheels.
  • The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker has a 100mm (or 4 inch) line width.
  • 14-litre central paint reservoir capacity with curved outer rim for limited splash or spill.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Suitable for use on football pitches, rugby playing fields, tennis courts, cricket boundaries and many other sports played on natural grass.  
  • The Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker allows you to mark approx. 2 full size football pitches from it's 14 litre central paint reservoir.

Main benefits of the Elements Sport Transfer Wheel Marker include:

  • UK design and engineered - a perfect alternative to lower quality foreign imports.
  • Powder coated to the highest standard - no rusting!
  • Extended wheelbase - ensures accurate line marking.
  • Low maintenance - line marking paint can remain in the bucket until the next pitch marking.
  • Solid puncture-proof wheels offer consistently smooth operation on any grass surface.
  • Drain plug - tip back to easily remove paint.

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185.00 KGS
Chassis Material:
Line Width (inches):
4 inches
Line Width (mm):